The Pure Awareness Center is created for You and your Gift. Here you will get the tools to uncover your gift, find your true voice and have clarity on your life’s mission

You will get the support to show up and shine your light, practice in a safe environment and take your first steps on your souljourney

You will be able to share your wisdom and your love with a great community of likeminded people, sharing and learning as teachers and students of life. 

Feel welcome into the Soulfamily of the Pure Awareness Center.

Welcome changemakers of the world

You are a soulsearcher and a changemaker and you feel inside that you need to change course to go and live the life of your dreams. You are the one with that special gift and talents that can make a difference. You are the one with a vision and with something to say. It’s time that you stood up and make your voice heard. You were meant to be seen and heard. It’s time now! It’s time to show up and spread your Love and Light around this world. 

I welcome you to the Pure Awareness Center and wish to support and guide you on your way to making this world a better place, by bringing out your gift and using your talents and your true potential. You don’t need to be anyone else, you just need to BE YOU! 

Do you recognize this?

  • You have been keeping small for a long time.
  • You think nobody will hear or understand you when you speak your truth.
  • You feel alone and sometimes depressed.
  • You are feeling different and have unique visions on the world and on yourself and others.
  • You are a wanderer and like to live in a world that only You can enter.
  • You are having trouble making sense of the world you see around you.
  • You don’t wanna be in the system, but wish to make a revolution with likeminded people.

It's time ....

  1. … to speak up and let your voice be heard.
  2. … to make changes.
  3. … to connect to other changemakers. 
  4. … for you rise and shine! 
  5. … to have a place where you belong
  6. … to grow stronger in the gift that only you have. 
  7. … to bring those worlds together, you are here to make this possible! Merge the spiritual world with the one you see around you. 

Be the Change

When you resonate with this message and feel called to join this mission I first want to congratulate you. You are being the change right now! You are here to make a difference in this world and you can do that by just being yourself. See where you are now and take that next right action. Only You can make a difference in your life right now! Listen and follow that inner guidance, it knows the way. 

  1. Uncover the Whole Truth about yourself and go on your souljourney,
  2. take classes of the Pure Awareness Academy or
  3. share your wisdom and thoughts in our online community. 

Your Personal Souljourney

Uncovering the truth about who you are is your souljourney. On this path you will get back in touch with your soul and become the person you were born to be. Click this link to go to our online program Leap Year, where you get back into alignment with your True Nature.

The Academy

In the online academy of the Pure Awareness Center you will find lots of e-courses, meditations, podcasts and webinars to serve you on your souljourney. You can Uncover your True Self and your life's Mission. To start living your most happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Your Soulfamily

Being in connection with your Guides and Gifts makes it easier to connect to your Soul Family, because your journey will be guided and people that resonate with you are coming into your life. Surround yourself with the likeminded people who can see you for who you really are and feel supported and loved for just being You. Join the Pure Awareness Center to experience the benefits of having a Soul Family.